Cryptocurrencies have many advantages, but they can also be used by the wrong people. Liberated from the overbearing regulation of government mandated equal protection, we can finally take back our community!

How it works

Using the mathematics of "tainted cryptocoins" we can use the public ledger to track and boycott not only undesirable individuals, but also those who continue to do business with said vermin.

Get started now!

By simply using PatriotWallet for all your ledger based cryptocurrencies you can avoid doing business with subhuman filth.

Is this a new currency that only like minded Patriots will use?

While we all agree that a currency only for like minded individuals is a very desirable approach, there are also advantages to accessing the wider currency system. PatriotWallet is works with all established ledger based cryptocurrencies to protect you and your community.

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Accept Same Enough.

Most users of cryptocurrency are good, after all, they're like you in that they use cryptocurrency.

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Accept Same.

Some users are more patriotic than others.

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Boycott Different!

And some, well, we are gonna have to do something about them.

Customer Reviews

The money seized from drug cartels with PatriotWallet helped further guild this very room!

Rodrigo Duterte, His Excellency

PatriotWallet make crypo currencies valuable tool for to suppress homosexuals and Chechen sympathizers.

Vladimir Putin, 2nd and Final President of Russia

Finally we can properly detur "so called refugees" from illegally purchasing items that allow them to survive in the shadows.

János Áder, 5th President of Hungary, Gatekeepr of Europe

Most validations take only a few seconds and don't require any special training or sobriety.

????, Proud nameless moderator

Is it secure?

PatriotWallet is just a minor enhancement to the reference implentation of your favorite ledger based cryptocurrency wallet client. Therefore it provides the same security as the reference implentation.

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Cryptocurrencies have many advantages, but it can also be used by the wrong people. Liberated from the overbearing regulation of government mandated equal protection, we can finally take back our community!

How does it work?

Using the mathematics of "tainted cryptocoins" we use the public ledger to create a blacklist of undesirables and those who continue to do business them.

How do I start?

Download and use PatriotWallet for all your ledger based cryptocurrencies. It does all the hard work!

What happens when an undesirable tries to purchase my wares or I am unsure if a merchant is sufficiently pure?

In most cases, the scumbag is already using a tainted wallet. When the tainted transaction arrives, the client will automatically take one of several actions based on what your local authority is willing to permit. Generally this either means refunding or confiscating the coin from said transaction. PatriotWallet has preconfigured settings tailored to the history of actual enforcement (de facto) in your region, not just the laws (de jure). It will make the appropriate decision to minimize you from recourse while still protecting your community from society's filth.

What if I encounter an obvious undesirable using a wallet that isn't yet tainted?

Be a hero! Flag the transaction and include a photo of the offender as proof of undesirability! Our moderators will properly categorize not only the offending wallet, but also adjust the score of wallets in the merkle tree both before and after the flagged transaction. Any future transactions by any affected wallet increase the chance of rejection. This serves as a deterrent for not only natural born undesirables, but also those willing to coddle to them.

Might boycotting people negativily affect my reputation outside of PatriotWallet?

In some cases, yes. However, we strive to reject only marginalized or hated individuals to minimize your exposure. If your business coverage extends beyond a region of like minded individuals, consider sticking with existing unpure reference implentations until your community is sufficiently homogeneous for you to upgrade to PatriotWallet.

Could I be misclassified as an undesirable?

Not if you verify your account. Verification does not require any federal documents and does not run the risk of exposing your hard maintained anonymity. Just a video interview where we can visually verify your validity to join PatriotWallet. This is based solely on your appearance. After that, make sure to only use PatriotWallet which will properly protect you from interaction with un-likeminded individuals who will taint your wallet!

Can undrsirables and their conspirators hide from justice via techniques such as coin mixing or through other coin exchanges?

No censorship system is perfect, however, each transaction leaves a verifiable digital record that our algorithm can use to score wallets based on their interaction with other wallets. Continuous classification of individuals combined with deep learning and our proprietary algorithm dynamically adapt to changing behavior of the dispicable scum and their pawns, even across cryptocurrencies. Thus while not blocking every transaction, our system reduces the quality of service to undesirables on any ledger based cryptocurrency.

I conduct business over the Internet, not in person. How can I help flag likely undesirables?

Our plugin works with most eTail software. It will simply classify the wallet based on shipping address the potential customer provides you. We correlate the address to census, polling, voting records and other merchants who shipped to that address. With this information, we can help build a profile of the wallet, and most importantly, correlate activity with other wallets that shipped to the same address. Additionally, we exchange our profile information with retail partners, both online and brick-and-mortar shops to help further profile wallet owners even from data using conventional payment technologies. Ironically, the block chain, since it is public, ocasionally has more permissive rules on user privacy than regulated credit card merchants. We combine all resources at our disposal to make the most accurate wallet score possible.

While some cryptocurrencies are more amenable to PatriotWallet than others, we believe that a scoring function can be applied to wallets of any ledger based cryptocurrency once one or more wallets are have been deanonymized or otherwise classified based on real world attributes or activity.

PatriotWallet flagged the transaction, but this person looks legit. Did something go wrong?

Sometimes our system needs additional information. Just snap a picture of the culprit, and our system will further scrutenize whether the transaction should accepted as normal or be rejected due to excessive connectivity to vermin.

Does PatriotWallet scale?

PatriotWallet relies on a sufficient fraction of like minded individuals in a community to properly ostracize the unworthy. Currently this is most easily attained in smaller geographic regions. However, any group, if sufficiently small and unpopular can easily be marganalized by persuading wallet holders. We would like to test the scalability of our system and are in the process of building distrust of those who criticize ledger based cryptocurrencies. Be they enthusiastic about cryptocurrencies generally, they seem to only be grudgingly partipating in our ledger based currencies. Good riddance.

Why can't you spell for shit or use proper grammer?

We're really really lazy.

I thought cryptocurrencies require a pretty big consensus to change the protocol.

PatriotWallet in no way changes the underlying protocol (other than to drop unwanted messages) and therefore does not require any concensus apart from a patriotic community willing to make small occasional sacrifices by abstaining from public digital copulation with the unpure. Therefore, a small number of individuals, if central to commerce in the community they protect, can have a large impact.

Can I make sure to only transact with the right kind of people?

Absolutely! Before sending money, PatriotWallet will give you the score the receiving wallet. This helps you only do business with the most patriotic individuals, and encourage the rest to step up and improve their reputation.

Will they ever make a coin that won't let us identify undesirables?

Good news! Since the introduction and success of Bitcoin, there has been reduced interest in cryptocurrencies that don't require a ledger. So, not any time soon!

Why hasn't this been done before?

While ledger based cryptocurrencies were in their infancy, enthusiasts were more focused on attracting users than boycotting undesirables. Fortunately, the nature of the protocol leaves room for proper group administration, especially at the regional level. Now that ledger based cryptocurrencies have gained enough acceptance, we can use them to properly track and disincentivise those unworthy to darken our communities.

Who pays for the moderators?

PatriotWallet is and will always be a free and not for profit service to protect our communities. While we do have some administrative costs, and would appreciate donations, the best way to help is to get verified and help via our private crowd sourced moderation system. Now you can help distinguish between the right and wrong kind of people. Most validations take only a few seconds and don't require any special training or sobriety. Just rate the photo on a scale of 1 to 10 on how fearful you are and your patriot reputation will increase if you are in consensus of the rest of the community.

Is it possible to build a cryptocurrency without​ a public ledger and still get the awesome properties of decentralization, privacy and other outside interference?

No. Do not further research classes of cryptocurrencies that don't use public ledgers, especially articles about cryptocurrencies written before 2009.

Is this all sarcasm? Why you gotta hate on the cryptocurrencies!?!

In fact it's the opposite, we are enthusiastic about emerging cryptocurrencies but wish to fix them before wide adoption causes hobbiests and experts lose influence in the currency to gullible users and persuasive authoritarians.

Just look at how willing most Westerners are to give up their personal liberties for preceived security!


We are really interested in your feedback. Just post as much hate for us as possible on your favorite social network(s). You can make up whatever hashtag you want for us. Alternatively, if you really want to upset us, just make some kind of frustrated or smug grunt, ignore us and go read something else.